Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Al Franken winces in pain

And then, as if on some cosmic cue, we get the AP today, Kerry Learning to Wield Humor As Weapon: An example of Mr. Kerry's new finely sharpened comedic weapon:

Kerry said the occupation of Iraq is riddled with problems, "yet today, President Bush tells us that he would do everything all over again, the same way." Kerry paused for affect...
[Pausing here for effect.... pausing… pausing…]

...before asking sarcastically, "How can he possibly be serious?"
Boo-yah! Sarcasm! But wait… what happened to the Kerry of this article: "Kerry responded that with American soldiers' lives on the line in Iraq, it was no time for jokes”?

Oh well. Mere trivialities. More Kerry humor, that’s what we want!

"You're going to hear all this talk, 'Oh, we've turned the corner, we're doing better, blah, blah,'" [Kerry] said, running on the phrase as his Wisconsin audience erupted in laughter. "You know, blah and blah and blah."
That’s funny for so many reasons. Reasons which I will not list here because they should be self-evident… I mean, c’mon you peon, this is Kerry, the once and future king. Laugh or it’s the ketchup mines for ya.

But seriously, I really hope that that was fake laughter that “erupted” in the audience. Or maybe we can hope that this was “at” laughter, and not “with” laughter. I mean for the sake of our democracy. And for the children. Hell, I'd even say the rainforest would benefit.

Anyway, the AP, realizing that this isn't the best example of what the lay person would recognize as "humor," quickly tried to make clear that it’s not Kerry's fault this is the best he can muster. Instead, it’s that Kerry has worked so long in congress "with [its] stern rules and mores for speaking that can make the people who work there unintelligible in heartland America."

Also note the titles of the two articles I linked. When Bush is being humorous (“Bush Mocks Kerry for 'Changing Positions' on Iraq”) it’s mockery, decidedly negative in connotation, and when Kerry is being humorous (“Kerry Learning to Wield Humor As Weapon”) it's all part of the learning experience in Grasshopper's righteous quest for the Whitehouse.

update 7:35 pm: fixed quote


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