Sunday, September 26, 2004

Easy targets are target too

From the AP:

Valery Tishkov, a leading expert on Chechnya, said that foreign terror networks had attacked Russia because official negligence and corruption make it easy prey.

"They have chosen a target that can be hit more easily," Tishkov said. "The United States is far less vulnerable, and Israel has never been a soft target."

The Global Jihad is, alas, global. Although our Islamist enemies would like nothing better than to strike at the Great Satan, they will happily settle for the soft underbelly of the hundreds of smaller Satans comprising liberal civilization.

There can be no Spanish-style (see here, here and here) appeasement or diffidence in the face of terror, as this quote from Scotland on Sunday makes clear (via LGF yet again):

Late on Friday a fresh message appeared on a website believed to be used by al-Zarqawi which read: "What is laughable is the insistence of the ministers of all infidel nationalities on the phrase ‘no negotiations’. As if there was any question of negotiation. Far from it - they must obey the demands of the Mujahadeen. If you refuse, we slaughter."


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