Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It was the one armed man!

From my column yesterday:

Now, the memos are universally discredited, CBS has set up an independent review, and the focus of the story has shifted to finding out the documents’ source.

Bill Burkett, seething anti-Bush partisan, provided the documents to CBS, but it’s unclear who provided the documents to him, or if he made them himself.

Therefore, at this point the floor is open to wild speculation. I think it was the one-armed man. Think about it; Max Cleland, who has become increasingly unhinged ever since baselessly accusing Republicans of questioning his patriotism, was contacted by Burkett in August about a possible counterattack to the Swift Vets ad.

The column was mainly just a bland run-down of the Rathergate goings-on (somebody had to do it, and luckily I’m somebody) but I do raise an excellent point here. The floor IS open to wild speculation and I’m not seeing enough of it. I’m talking about wild-eyed DU-style accusations that implicate the entire other political party, and call for them to commit mass hara kiri with letter openers.

If the blogosphere isn’t about witch hunts and general McCarthyite-type behavior, than what is it about? What happened to the beautiful right wing smear machine that I have come to know and love? Have we been reduced to debating *Smacks lips in disgust* healthcare?

…and don’t give me that, you KNOW it was Max Cleland. Three quick ways to tell:

1. 53% of eligible voters agree they would have been fooled by the memos if Saxby Chambliss had made them.

2. The real reason that people don’t believe the memos is not because they put unions above homeland security, but rather because their patriotism has been smeared.

3. Max Cleland and memos have never been seen in the same place at the same time.


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