Sunday, October 24, 2004

Afghanistan, check, Iraq, check, Iran...

One of the main problems of the UN is its emphasis on the equality of the countries contained within (besides the permanent members on the Sec. Council). This can, and usually does, lead to stultifying, and, ultimately dangerous, moral equivalency.

Via LGF, we learn that Hans Blix thinks that Iran has the right to enrich Uranium. Why? Because other countries do it. Never mind that Iran is member of the axis of evil, and one of the biggest supporters of terror, as well as a rapidly destabilizing state due to the nascent democratic movement fomenting within. It’s the same kind of thinking that Kerry uses when he insists that America shouldn’t research bunker busting nuclear weapons (a necessity to destroy bunkered WMD facilities), because he thinks it would make us look hypocritical. He thus puts the policeman on the same moral plane as the criminal.

Iran is the next theatre in the War on Terror. I predict that we will have either invaded Iran or sponsored an internal coup before 2006. Really. By 2006 Iran is estimated to have a working nuclear weapon. We cannot let this happen, and, as Iran knows that a nuclear weapon is there only chance to hang on to power, they will do anything they can to achieve it. Any news story you see from now on about Iran bargaining to give up their program in exchange for a light water reactor is just them buying time to finish their weapon. They have absolutely no intent to give up their program, and, thank God, Bush knows this. Kerry, on the other hand, wants to give fuel to Iran.

Iran is also a despicable theocracy run by depraved Islamist crazies. Recently, they staged 120 public hangings to reassert there authority over those that are pushing for more rights. This story rips at the heart strings:

Almost a month ago the Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's appointed judge in the province of "Mazandaran", in the South of the Caspian sea , sentenced "Atefeh Rajabi" a 16-year-old girl to death for committing adultery. The poor girl, deprived of even the very basic motherly love, was hanged in the public before the dismayed eyes of a people who have long forgotten that they were no more living than "Atefeh" was now. Just before she was hanged, "Atefeh" had willed everything she possessed to the poor girls like herself. A short time later, it was revealed that the Islamic judge and a few of his men had raped this little girl before hanging her.
Go to the link. Look at the picture. The placid, resigned look on the girl’s face is haunting, even mesmorizing. Had she lived in the United States she would have wore low rise jeans, talked incessantly on her cellphone, studied for algebra exams, fretted over her hair, flirted with boys in between classes, and, basically, lived her life from day to day as her whims, desires and morals guided her. Instead, there she is, standing there, rope dangling loosely around her neck, the last days of her life made a living hell by the inhuman bastards that raped her, alone and only 16 years old. It's impossible to fathom what emotions, what thoughts, where swirling through her head. Could her faith have been any succor in her last moments after being raped by an Islamic judge and sent to die in accordance with Islamic law? The betrayal of such an integral aspect of her life must have been devastating. The inhumanity of this one act almost justifies regime change, in my book, although you can bet that when the time comes France and co. will only get behind us for as long as it takes them to stab us in the back.

(Oh, by the way, Kerry not only wants to give these monsters fuel, but thinks they need more respect. Just though I'd let you know.)

On the heels of this sickening act:

The tragedy of "Atefeh" was still inflicting its heavy and painful burden on the Iranians' conscience that a report came out proclaiming that another girl, 13-year-old "Zheela", was sentenced to "stoning to death" by another Islamic judge in the city of "Marivan", Western Iran. This poor child is sentenced to death because she has been impregnated by her 15-year-old brother.
I’ll just end the way Michael Ledeen, a neoconservative, and one of the foremost advocates of regime change in Iran, ended his latest column:

Faster, damnit.

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