Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cold front moves through Hell

You thought the Red Sox victory was surprising?

You thought the discovery of hobbits was surprising/humorous?

Those are nothing. Heck, if the Red Sox beat the hobbits in a game of quidditch I would be less surprised than I am now.

According to Medienkritik, Germany’s largest newspaper endorses… Bush.

Holy cataclysmic happenings, Batman!

The German press has been -- how to put this politely -- a reeking cesspool of anti-Americanism. They ran gleefully with the “Bush was wired” conspiracy theory. Comparing America to Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia has become germane to any discussion, and is not done with the tongue-in-cheek hyperbole that many US leftists use; the German press is dead serious. The media orgy over Abu Ghraib (which is seen as comparable to Auschwitz in the morally blinkered views of the German press) still hasn’t subsided.

So, yeah. Surprised indeed.

One of newspaper’s points:
1. Bush has clear priorities. He sees the inhuman Islamic fundamentalism and the murderous mullahs as the largest danger for the Western world.
He sees it, but most of Germany doesn’t. I commend this newspaper; they are SO going to get firebombed by the German pacifist movement for this.


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