Friday, October 22, 2004

I am not a Coultist

I dislike Ann Coulter.

Yes she's funny.

Yes she's often right.

But she's scary. Her chilling blue eyes and two-tones-too-deep voice make her a natural for wicked witch of the right, and she happily plays that part.

I'll admit, sometimes my writing can resemble Ann Coulter's (although not with nearly the piercing wit or clever, acerbic invective), the only difference being that where I to write something like, "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity," I would do so in an ironic, humorous sense, parodying the view that many leftists have of us right wing warlocks. Ann Coulter, when she wrote this after 9/11, was not joking.

That is frightening, and serves to discredit the conservative cause, as well as appeal to the basest bigotries of man at a time that called for at least some semblance of levelheadedness.

And, also, there was Ann Coulter's shameful behavior in regards to National Review, one of my favorite mags and a flagship publication for the conservative cause, stemming from the above remark. Money grafs:

Ann — a self-described "constitutional lawyer" — volunteered on Politically Incorrect that our "censoring" of her column was tantamount to "repealing the First Amendment." Apparently, in Ann's mind, she constitutes the thin blonde line between freedom and tyranny, and so any editorial decision she dislikes must be a travesty.


Paul Johnson has criticized Islam as an imperial religion. William F. Buckley himself has called, essentially, for a holy war. Rich Lowry wants to bring back the Shah, and I've written that Western Civilization has every right to wave the giant foam "We're Number 1!" finger as high as it wants.

The only difference between what we've run and what Ann considers so bravely iconoclastic on her part, is that we've run articles that accord persuasion higher value than shock value. It's true: Ann is fearless, in person and in her writing. But fearlessness isn't an excuse for crappy writing or crappier behavior.

Now, having said all of that, check out RWN's hilarious interview of Coulter. An excerpt:

John Hawkins: Do you think having John Kerry as our President would mean America would be more likely to be hit with another 9/11 style terrorist attack?

Ann Coulter: As I understand it from his policy proposals, such attacks would become mandatory.

As I said, I'll give her her due; she's a funny one, she is. Scary, but funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your're taking what Ann Coulter said out of context. It is very understandable that when she said, "we should invade etc." she was very distraught over the loss of Barbara Olson. A normal reaction to the vicious attacks on 9-11 which to her struck very close.

5:45 PM  

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