Sunday, October 31, 2004

I feel so dirty...

A member of the military infiltrates a militantly anarchist website and leaves this message:
Please rise up you assholes I spent 3 years training on active duty army in the 101st abn div now I am in the national guard so I will be there to smack you down. Do you dumbasses really belive that a rubber innertube will stop a bullet. Do you think for one second that you and your few thousand disorginized and incompetently led (what the chain ofcommand for an anarchist army) fools are any match for the millions of highly trained soldiers and policemen. bring the revolution to the streets troops will be there waiting rifles in hand Ohio national guard...4 Kent State............0 Yellow Springs OH.....Antioch College, we have our eyes on you...hell we are just down the street : )

Ohio National Guard 4, Kent State 0. Ouch. This prompted a long, diabolical laugh, which I am not entirely proud of.


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