Thursday, October 28, 2004

Is that the Emancipation Proclamation in your pocket, or... (Updated)

*Abe Lincoln: Republican from log cabin or Log Cabin Republican?:

"I do not feel my own sorrows more keenly than I do yours," Lincoln wrote Speed in one letter. And again, "You know my desire to befriend you is everlasting." In a detailed retelling of the Lincoln-Speed love story — including the "lust at first sight" encounter between the two young men, when Lincoln readily accepted Speed’s eager invitation to share his narrow bed — Tripp notes that Speed was the only human being to whom the president ever signed his letters with the unusually tender (for Lincoln) "yours forever" — a salutation Lincoln never even used to his wife."
He preserved the American Union...but was he denied a union of his own? He freed the slaves... but was he slave to his own desires? Mary Todd Lincoln... loving wife, or cross-dressing transexual reverse-secret man-lover? This, and tons of other information you didn't want to know, coming soon!

And, courtesty of Fred Phelps, a limerick:

There once was a man from Kentucky,
with men he felt he'd get lucky,
but to his dismay,
this man who was gay,

*Abe Lincoln even graces their site... Mmm...prescient.

Update I: The Log Cabin Republicans have released a statement: "We're here, we're queer... and so was Abe Lincoln! Whatcha thinka that Religious Right!"

Update II: I just got an email from John Kerry:

In light of this revelation, I just thought you should know that Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian. That is all.

Update III: In light of recent revelations, I just thought we should all take a look at this picture.

Update IV: Re: the look on Franken's face: ewww...

Update V: Umm... just so we're on the same page here, that limerick was a joke and not written by Phelps, the statement was not from the LCR, and John Kerry didn't send me an email. As for the look on Franken's face, see previous update.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time posting anything by phelps.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

It's not really by phelps... its a joke.

5:28 PM  

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