Tuesday, October 12, 2004

NY Times Jumps the Shark

When you start a paragraph with the phrase "According to rumors racing across the Internet this week..." its a safe bet to say you may have crossed that fine line between objective reporting and feverswamp skinny dipping.

From "The Mystery of the Bulge in the Jacket" in Saturdays NY Times:

What was that bulge in the back of President Bush's suit jacket at the presidential debate in Miami last week?

According to rumors racing across the Internet this week, the rectangular bulge visible between Mr. Bush's shoulder blades was a radio receiver, getting answers from an offstage counselor into a hidden presidential earpiece. The prime suspect was Karl Rove, Mr. Bush's powerful political adviser.

Even Michael Moore's blushing at that one. When the paper of record is openly speculating that the president is coming to a debate wired, so as to recieve messages from Rove, the hive brain, it makes you wonder whether the blogosphere isn't superior to mainstream news. Either way, NY Times, meet shark. The article ends with this cryptic passage:

There was nothing under his suit jacket," said Nicolle Devenish, a campaign spokeswoman."It was most likely a rumpling of that portion of his suit jacket, or a wrinkle in the fabric."
Ms. Devenish could not say why the "rumpling" was rectangular.
Nor was the bulge from a bulletproof vest, according to campaign and White House officials; they said Mr. Bush was not wearing one.

Ms. Devenish couldn't explain why the rumpling was rectangular? Damning indeed! Maybe they should've called in the rumpologists to explain the physics of rumpling. Or at least produced a few memos or something. The MSM just isn't trying anymore. C'mon guys, what happened to the old days when you would put a little effort into your crazy left wing assertions?

But I wouldn't immediately discount the bulletproof vest story. After all, Kerry joked when recieving a gun as a gift "I thank you for the gift, but I can't take it to the debate with me.''

Sounds like a veiled threat to me.


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