Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Initial debate reaction: slight burning sensation; some redness; 3dw4rds was p0wnd by Ch3]\[3y!!!!11!!1 woot woot!!11!!

Delayed onset reaction: acute pain relief; some constipation; p0wnd i]\[d33d!!11!!!111 wootwoot!1!!!

Edwards came across as the vapid call boy he is, while Cheney put up a masterful Darth Vader performance, rife with Imperial smackdowns and force choke goodness. Cheney wore his half-condescending trademark sneer while simultaneously delivering a sound spanking to le enfant mild.

Some awkwardness when the men ceased tearing into each other, briefly, to fraternize over Cheney's lesbian daughter. Did they have to have a moment right there on stage?

And Gwen Whatsername? Excellent questions; she put Lehrer to shame.

One things for sure: no matter who wins the elections, Yasser Arafat can't be feeling too comfortable now. The plight of the Palestinian people didn't even merit a brief mention, as both vp candidates spent the time extolling and defending Israel.

Edwards brief attempt to extricate himself and Kerry from the "global test" mess only exacerbates the perceptions of the duo as vacillating politicos with fingers always in the wind. Just because Kerry said something along the lines of "we will never let the anyone veto Americas foreign policy, but..." and then said he would have some weird "global test" required to validate American actions, doesn't mean that these two actions can stand together. Kerry says a lot of things, and what he says tends to directly contradict itself, even within the spaces of a few sentences.

On the all, the shorter response times, closer proximity, and one table set up made for a tighter, tougher and more enjoyable debate than the presidential contest. Plus, we were saved from Kerry's insufferable smugness and brain-deadening monotony as well as Bush's tortured diction and "monkey caught in the headlights" blank stares.

update: added in gratuitous "woot"ing. Because the situation just seemed to call for it, like a hippies bare back calls for a policemans billyclub, you know.


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