Saturday, October 23, 2004

Steal Stolen Honor Now!

You can watch the documentary that has Democrats donning their brownshirts and jackboots, here.

A showing of this documentary was stopped by the left due to threats of violence, and the more civil arm of Leftist censorship unleashed an army of lawyers to prevent you from seeing what is contained within this documentary.

The shameful histrionics that the left go into when confronted with this piece based on factual history, which most of the leftists, if not all, have never even seen, is represented best by this clip from the Daily Recycler. Although the subject matter is the Swift Vets, it displays the same type of Leftist behavior: Our enemies are liars by virtue of their opposing us; this message must be stopped because it is nothing but malicious, self-evident lies, even if I can’t disprove any of it; the movie is a politically motivated hit piece, a belt of ammo for the Republican attack machine.

Watch it. There is no mention of the more contentious Swift Vet charges (i.e. unearned medals, no enemy fire, etc), and, indeed, the Swift Vets for truth are not mentioned in this documentary. Rather, this documentary is a completely factual portrayal, based on witness testimony and public record about the shameful behavior of the anti-war movement in general, and John Kerry in particular, especially in regards to the many POW’s being held by the enemy. The only fact I have seen disputed within this documentary is that Kerry didn’t meet “secretly” with the enemy in Paris. No, it’s not disputed that Kerry met with the enemy, just that this meeting was done “secretly.”

The descriptions of the Hanoi Hilton and the tortures that American soldiers were made to endure, is the most heart-rending and moving part of the documentary. The tortures described are horrendous, although the courage with which the American soldier endured them is ultimately uplifting. It should be obvious, after viewing this documentary, that it is not politically motivated. Rather, the makers and participants are motivated by their loathing of the man whose slanderous testimony was read to them while they were being tortured, the man who destroyed their reputation for decades to come purely for political gain, and, finally, the man that legitimated the torture of POWs in the eyes of their torturers by referring to the POW’s as “war criminals.”

Watch it. But don’t just take my word for. A review in the New York Times says:

Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," the highly contested anti-Kerry documentary, should not be shown by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. It should be shown in its entirety on all the networks, cable stations and on public television.
Suppressing speech because it hurts your candidate, even if it contains what you think are distortions, is a heinous violation of free speech. No matter what your political orientation you should recognize this. For example, I support Michael Moore’s right to have his documentary aired every minute from now until election day, if some channel is willing to do it. Freedom of speech is for everyone, be it war heroes with an axe to grind, or disgustingly unkempt and morbese* propagandists.

If the anti-Kerry documentary "Stolen Honor" can be suppressed, then why not the anti-Bush 60 Minutes II fabrication of Bush's National guard record, and from there, why not that blatantly biased Fox News, or the Castro News Network (CNN)? It's a can of worms that the left is opening up here, discerning which speech is free, and renders laughable--as if they already weren't--the accusations of Bushitler's Gulag-ridden, America taking away radical leftists freedom to vocally defecate their treasonous views. I wish.

*morbese: a coinage of mine, combining the words “morbidly” and “obese” into a more mellifluous and pithy concoction. Today’s obesity is not like the obesity of yesterday. Morbidly obese is mainstreaming itself, and, accordingly, deserves a word. They say that Eskimos have 100 words for snow (“they” being ignorant people), so it’s only fitting that America should expand our adipose vocab. The word is not a play off “Moore” and “obese.” Just thought I would make that clear.

updated for clarity; link to Daily Recycler clip added


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