Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"Times lied, Credibility Died"

This is the October surprise? That's pathetic. I was expecting a little more, such as Bush's devious hand in the ending of "Friends." You should be ashamed NY Times et al., ashamed. Your capable of so much better. This story didn't have the lovable lunacy of your previous crackpot "Bush was wired" story.

CBS knew how to play this thing. They were, like a good Kerry stooge, planning the story for the eve of the election.

Check out this Daily Recycler clip to see Kerry gleefully accept NY Time's preelection gift, interspersed with clips of NBC just as gleefully leaping at the throat of its competitors and exploding the story. Schadenfreude, how sweet the sound.

Last night, when Phyllis Bennis (not to be confused with Regis Philbin, although they do look rather similar) mentioned this story, I was already rather unimpressed. 380 tons, which, according to my back of the envelope calculations during the lecture, was .15% of the weapons in Iraq. According to John Cole's more considered calculation, he says it's "0.00005% of the known existing weapons" in Iraq. Either way, the weapons were gone before we got there, although I personally don't take comfort in that. Good thing we twiddled our thumbs at the UN, huh?

And, yes, the weapons cash was known as al Qa Qaa. Although why you even bring that up is beyond me. Grow up.


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