Friday, October 22, 2004

Twin blog

So the Bush twins get a blog at Bush's website? "Nepotism!" I say indignantly! Such corruption within the Bush regime! BUSHLIED!!!

And, courtesy of me, sample entry from the twinblog:

Journal Entry #37

so my lesser half, like, totally flaunts her legs for the camera! wat a hussy lol!

dad always tellls barb that she could be, like, a model and yesterday he raised the terror threat so she wouldnt have to wait in line at the bars and wat does he tell me, "theres somebody out there for everybody"?!?!? grrrrrr :-(

maybe if I cut her hair in her sleep then everyone will love me. That's right, theyll love me.


ps. i cut my arm yesterday. it felt good.

update: no, I don't have any pictures of barb. pleas stop emailing.


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