Saturday, October 16, 2004

Vietnam redux

From the WaPo we get a look back at the Vietnam choices each candidate made. Kerry comes off infinitely better, as no mention of Christmas in Cambodia, contended medals, controversial post-war testimony, meeting with the enemy in Paris, or any of his other assorted activities, is made. The main focus stays on Bush’s National Guard service.

Michael Dobbs has usually been very fair in his coverage of the Vietnam controversies, but this article is a scum heap of pro-Kerry propaganda meant to shift the Vietnam controversy back into Bush’s lap.

I was impressed, however, with this anecdote about Bush.

Some friends believe that Bush associated the antiwar movement at Yale with intellectual snobbery. "He had little sympathy for the antiwar people and their behavior and antics. They were pompous and pretentious," said roommate Robert J. Dieter. "They were 22-year-olds who thought they were going to run the world."

So there was some sanity in the 60’s. We also learn that:
The highlight came in the spring of 1969, when [Bush] was whisked off to Washington on a government plane for a date with Nixon's daughter Tricia. According to Bush biographer Bill Minutaglio, the date was arranged by his father, George H.W. Bush, then a Republican congressman from Houston, who was seeking Nixon's support to run for the Senate.
So Bush took a bullet for his dad, dating the female form of Richard Nixon. I would say that this puts him on par with Kerry’s Vietnam service.


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