Friday, October 01, 2004

What does diversity mean to you?

I attended a student panel on diversity two days ago.

The platitudinous nature of diversity was immediately rammed home. The panel began by defining what diversity meant to them. They did this because the meaning of "diversity" has been stretched beyond any semblance of coherency by the diversophiles, and now the word is no more than some personal God which each person is free to define and sing praises to (as long as they fulfill some universal principles such as the need for proportional representation, cultural relativism and active, not passive, tolerance.)

This ridiculously hollow concept is becoming new mantra of higher education. Frighteningly, one of the panel members, in answering a question, (about what exactly, eludes me now) said that the biggest problems with diversity on campus were that it only had a budget of $100,000 (I don't know where this number was pulled from) and that diversity courses WEREN'T MANDATORY. This met with enthusiastic cheers from the professor portion of the audience, leaving me dumbstruck.

I don't remember many specifics from the panel discussion because all of the questions and answers were just so much drivel and dreck.

A possible meaning for diversity did coalesce in my mind as I sat through the myriad babbling diversityspeak questions and answers. Diversity is the degree by which a person differs from the pattern of white, male, heterosexual, English-speaking Christian. A group consisting solely of this kind of person is completely lacking of diversity; it is comprised of clones, each thinking and feeling a shared monolithic experience and unable to comprehend other cultures. On the other hand, a group consisting entirely of African-Americans is wonderfully diverse, a testament to the wonders of multiculturalism.

This definition explains the seeming hypocrisy of the Black Student Union and the Ordinary Women (just two groups of restrictive membership on campus) when they consider themselves to be the biggest champions of diversity.

The developments of the diversophile agenda are truly frightening, and are the biggest threats to liberal education in our society today.


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