Tuesday, November 23, 2004

American Superiority Roundup

You already know it. America is a great country. The best, obviously. But, as you are aware, the various citizens of other nations tend to take a critical look at America without tending to the mote in their own eye.

So, just to put these uppity countries back into place, I've assembled a small mass of dirty laundry and will now give it its proper air. The list would be longer (its not like I'm lacking for material here) but for some reason my internet collection has been, in the words of my younger brother, "slower than a pregnant sloth on a hot summer day" (eat your heart out, Dan Rather). So, three items only, but three doozies, I should say.

Leading off, of course, is the French massacre in the Ivory Coast. Trying to reassert colonialist ties, the French have unilaterally intervened, and fired on unarmed, seemingly nonbelligerent citizens, even while screaming foul at the trivial (at least in comparison) abuses at Abu Ghraib and the shooting of the death-faker. France, as is to be expected, seems to be weaseling extensively. Read the comments from Seewen on this post. If true, they are unbelievable, and should hit the MSM, oh, sometime next year. [If true they are unbelievable? Come now, Grant, does that even make sense? –ed.]

Next up, our friends the Germans. How many times has Bush been compared to Hitler and America to Nazi Germany? I lack the fingers to properly calculate. Well, if you want to see real, honest-to-Fuhrer Nazi’s look no further than Germany:

Germany's neo-Nazi, National Democratic Party made sweeping gains in key elections in the eastern state of Saxony yesterday [Sept. 19] in a shock protest vote that reflected the widespread unpopularity of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's economic reform programme.

In the conservative-controlled state, the, National Democrats (NPD) won seats in a regional state parliament for the first time in 36 years after first exit poll results showed that party had won nine per cent of the vote.

Now, to Holland. Holland has experienced its 9/11, in the form of the death of Theo Van Gogh, famous film-maker and distant relative of the famous Vincent, at the hands of an Islamic jihadi. Unlike America’s 9/11, Holland’s was followed by violent recriminations in the form of the attempted burning of two mosques and other incidents. Now, the Dutch MP, who has been forced into hiding at a string of safe houses under heavy guard (here's PW's take on this), is calling for a five-year halt on non-Western immigration and the closing of radical mosques. The Dutch are now, in the words of Christopher Caldwell from the Weekly Standard, “calling for laws that make the Patriot Act look like Kumbayah.”

Welcome to the Sept. 12 club, guys. Those empty seats? Oh, sure, you can sit there. They were saved for our Democratic Party, but I don't think they're gonna show.

Well, my internet connection has just sputtered and cried uncle. So, that's that.


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