Sunday, November 14, 2004

Arafat Avenue

According to this article, the French have considered naming a street or city square after Arafat. Would this mean that the "Arab Street" would now literally exist in France? Can we now gauge pulic opinion in the Middle East by wandering around Paris and asking dissaffected Eurotrash for their take on various issues?

I shouldn't make fun of the French. I briefly considered naming my toilet after Arafat but relented for fear that my toilet would then inculcate a culture of death and Jew hatred among my various toiletry items. Not only can you not be too careful with this type of thing, but my toothbrush is already getting kind of uppity. I mean, I really appreciate the special gum massaging bristles on my Oral-B (understatement of the, like, century!) but does the thing really have to crack yo' mama jokes when I'm brushing?

Toothbrush: yo' mama has such poor dental hygiene that it could lead to serious tooth-related problems as she ages.

Me: Harsh.

Toothbrush: shut up, Grant.

Me: sorry.


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