Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Campaign in disarray...with Rajin' Cajun action!

From Newsweek:
Carville, however, was so worked up that he began to cry. He wanted so badly to beat Bush, he said, yet the Kerry campaign was failing miserably.

Ol' Serpent face cries? The softer, vaguely humorous, side of Carville. Followed by the behind the music version:
Carville came right out and said that Cahill had to step aside and let Lockhart, the Clintonista newcomer, run the campaign. "You've got to let him do it!" implored Carville, pounding Lockhart's arm until it was bruised.


From the article we also learn that irrational Clinton paranoia is not exclusive to Rush Limbaugh:
Kerry was beleaguered. He was wary of the agenda of the Clinton exiles: if he lost in November, the way would be open for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2008.

Another interesting tidbit: Bob Shrum -- the Democratic, loser-ish version of Krang* -- has...feelings! Color me surprised!
The story dwelled on gritty details, like Shrum's habit of parking his Nicorette gum on the rim of Diet Coke cans. Shrum was wounded and wanted to find the campaign mole. He recovered after a few days, but his friends wondered if he might not disengage from the campaign and fade into the background.

And, this is comforting, in a way.
Former Clinton pollster Stan Greenberg had been pressing Kerry to tie the war to domestic needs—to declare that $200 billion spent on Iraq meant that much less funding for education and health care at home. Kerry used the line in a few speeches, but reluctantly. He didn't really believe it.
I figured that there was no way that Kerry could believe what he was saying--he's too smart for that. I also knew that political calculation was the main reason for Kerry's many vacillations and disgusting, misleading demagoguery. Knowing that Kerry at least had some trepidition for his misleading, isolationist populism returns some of my respect for the man.

But then he goes on, and says this:
In truth, he was willing to spend whatever it took to win in Iraq, or at least to extricate the United States with some semblance of honor.
How 'bout winning the war, dude? And do you even care if Iraq descends into internicine warfare? Or is this just another Vietnam where we should get out with whatever is left of our honor after recking our reputation by maliciously freeing the Iraqi people from the fascist murderer Saddam? The Kerry respect-o-meter? Zilch. Zero. Bottomed out. I am actually surprised to learn this about Kerry. I knew that he didn't feel strongly about the virtuousness or efficacy of the Iraq war, but I always figured he would set out to win it, not just "extricate the United States with some semblance of honor." Some left-leaning hawks, Andrew Sullivan among them, supported Kerry on the notion that whatever Kerry's true feelings he would feel compelled to do the job in Iraq. It seems that Kerry felt no such obligation. I postemptively give another Huzzah! for the Bush victory. Thank God, Allah, and whoever it is that Buddhists worship.

What was the reason for Kerry's inept campaign? Kerry himself:
He rambled about, wreathed in nuance, as he puzzled then lost his audience. Seeking to be all things to all people, he tried to be empathetic about rising college tuition. He earnestly told the crowd that he knew how hard it was to find the right financial options because he had two children and three stepchildren. His audience, mostly farmers and laborers and small businessmen, audibly laughed at him. Kerry was married to a billionaire, right? What did he know about making ends meet?

How can you work with such a blithely blinkered billionaire when your campaign is based around Shrum populism? The smooth talking, southern Edwards could make it work... but Kerry? He was dead in the water.

*Or Karl Rove as he is known outside of the Right Wing Attack Machine (a subsidiary of the VRWC). As a member I get talking points on the hour every hour to prevent independent thought.

I mean, really, doesn't Rove look like Krang?

update: Answer: Yes.


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