Monday, November 15, 2004

European appeasement

A chilling article from US News & World Report about our Iranian enemy:

In the summer of last year, Iranian intelligence agents in Tehran began planning something quite spectacular for September 11, the two-year anniversary of al Qaeda's attack on the United States, according to a classified American intelligence report. Iranian agents disbursed $20,000 to a team of assassins, the report said, to kill Paul Bremer, then the top U.S. civilian administrator in Iraq.


"Iran had reportedly placed a bounty on U.S. forces of U.S. $2,000 for each helicopter shot down, $1,000 for each tank destroyed, and $500 for each U.S. military personnel killed," the Iraq Survey Group reported. Iranian agents were also suspected in the assassination of at least two prominent Iraqis. In the fall of 2003, there were two reported plots against Bremer, the Coalition Provisional Authority administrator. The Iraq Survey Group, citing a source who "has provided reliable information in the past," said a senior Iranian cleric in Tehran set up a special 100-member army, known as al Saqar, which means eagle in Arabic, to assassinate Bremer and carry out other terrorist attacks. The Eagle Army, the Iraqi Survey Group was told, had trained for 30 days at an Iranian terrorist camp. This alleged plot and others reportedly planned against Bremer came to nothing. There were many reported plots against Bremer during his one-year tenure in Baghdad, and throughout his time there he was provided with blanket security.

We are obviously already at war with Iran. Planning to assassinate a high ranking US official, paying people to attack American targets, and sending Iranian-trained agents into Iraq to wreak havoc on Coalition targets and disrupt Iraqs chances for stability are a definite casus belli. This war must by neccesity remain a covert, intelligence war, but make no mistake, it is war.

Meanwhile, the Europeans are tripping over themselves to appease Iran. I don't know whether its naivety, stupidity, greed, pacifism, or anti-Americanism that is fueling Europes insistence that Iran can be trusted. But I would guess, according to this news article, that its probably all of the above.
The United Nations (news - web sites) said on Monday that, as far as it knew, Iran had not diverted any nuclear materials to a weapons program -- a verdict diplomats said undermined the U.S. case for U.N. sanctions on Tehran.

Even though the U.N. atomic watchdog said it could not rule out covert nuclear activities in Iran, its report, coming a day after Tehran promised France, Britain and Germany that it would freeze its uranium enrichment program, severely weakened Washington's argument.

That's rich. I mean, rich even aside from the phrase, "as far as the UN knows." The UN can't say that Iran might not be covertly making nuclear weapons, but, golly gee, Iran is sure not working on their illegal nuclear weapons program out in broad daylight. Of that, our brave UN atomic watchdog is completely sure.

How does the observation that Iran's secret nuclear weapons program is secret "undermine the U.S. case for U.N. sanctions on Tehran?" It doesn't. I mean, assuming of course that you trust America more than you trust a despicable, child-hanging theocracy. Oh, right.

From that same article:
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani said Tehran would never renounce enrichment, a process of purifying uranium for use as fuel in power plants or weapons, and declared the Europeans had assented to that goal.

He also confirmed what Iran said repeatedly in recent months -- that the suspension would be short-lived and temporary -- though he gave no hints as to when it might be resumed.

Iran recognizes good ol' fashion appeasement when they see it. They know that Europe will bend over 720 degrees to prevent anyone from using force, or even sanctions against them. They are openly saying that they are going to resume enrichment. Look how confident they are that the European peace-mongers have their back.

We are already at war with Iran. They are making nuclear weapons, make no mistake about it. They passed their nuclear enrichment bill through their parliament (whatever that is) to cries of "Death to America." I find this, to say the least, vaguely alarming. And now the Europeans are in full throttle appease mode. My knee tells me this means war, but my magic eightball is just screaming "CIA sponsored coup! CIA sponsored coup!" Either way, the world will be much safer after Iran, an epicenter of Islamic terror, is no longer a theofascist state.


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