Monday, November 08, 2004

A few quick hits

Posting will be light this week because of tests. I don't have much time to write, so I thought I would throw everything together in one post.

First, the feckless French (who are now harboring and rendering aid to Yasser Arafat a known terrorist--what happened to not distinguishing between terrorists and the states that harbor them, huh Bush? Lack of troops isnt the reason--send over K-State's RTOC and I'm pretty sure they could sort France out) have imperialistically and unilaterally intervened in the Ivory Coast:
The French military used overwhelming force Sunday to put down an explosion of anti-French violence in its former West African colony, deploying troops, armored vehicles and helicopter gunships against machete-waving mobs that went from house to house hunting for foreigners.

And the WaPo has this a report on a chilling exercise and America's woeful lack of preparedness for a biological attack:
Over the next several days, the telephone networks crashed at some Chicago hospitals and at government offices taking part in the "Topoff 2" exercise, and one was forced to use ham radios. Hospitals ran out of beds, equipment and nurses. Civic leaders gave conflicting advice on what to do. Three days later, Chicago's health system was close to collapse. Thousands of untreated people were on the streets infecting others, and 47,000 were dead or dying.

Scary stuff. But remember, terrorism is just a myth.

Gaak... gotta go to work on a group project. But be sure to read this, via the blogfather himself, inimitable Instapundit. And if its humor you want, check out these radio ads from IMAO (why bloggers should make political ads, part 4-14.

Now shoo! I can't study with your constant reading and breathing and reading. It just weirds me out.


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