Sunday, November 07, 2004

Happiness is but a click away

I meant to post these links earlier, because they make me happy(insert happy emoticon here). After the election the deluge of bile from the foreign presses decrying Bush's win made me decidedly NOT HAPPY (insert sad emoticon here).

First, the Iranian reaction to Bush's win. I guess if you live under an actual fascist regime, it kinda makes you appreciate Bush's "fascist regime" a little more.

Second, at least academia in Iraq hasn't been morally paralyzed by Chomskyite leftist thought. Once again, I guess living in an actual fascist regime kinda makes you appreciate Bush's brand of--whatcha callit?--"compassionate fascism."

Ah, I feel better now. Out with bad, in with the good (insert zen emoticon).

update: mmm... catharsis.


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