Tuesday, November 02, 2004

If Bush wins...

...here are your post-election revel-in-pain-of-others internet stops:

The Daily Kos: The most powerful Demoblog on the internet. Lunatic, but powerful. His first post-Bush victory post will read like a suicide note.

The Democratic Underground: The DU is one of the most vile pits of hatred on the internet. Look here, here, and here for sample lunacy. First post-Bush-victory thread will openly speculate on assassinating Bush.

Eschaton: The second most powerful Demoblog on the internet. Not as lunatic as DKos, but, you know, once you reach a certain level of lunacy who's counting anyways? His first post-Bush-victory post will solicit funds to build a giant spaceship to take him and his followers to Groxilia, the Utopia on the dark side of the moon where little blue people top off your glass of koolaide and everyone has free healthcare.

People For Change Forums: Admittedly, I've never read anything on this sight. But, I heard this site was created when they kicked all the fringe members out of the DU. Frankly, I'm scared to check out the discussion threads here. First post-Bush-victory thread will be quickly shut down by the FBI and the group's servers will be confiscated from parents basements throughout the state of California.

Media Matters for America: This group was started by sugar-daddy Soros to -- get this -- document the conservative bias on the news. Seeing them spin a Kerry loss should be great fun. First post-Bush-victory article, "Fox News logo suppresses minority voters."

And, if Kerry wins, also check out these sites. Count how many of them are celebrating a Kerry victory as opposed to a Bush loss. I doubt many of them will even register a Kerry victory until sometime next July, when they try to get him to yank troops out of Iraq and cede Maine to UN.


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