Monday, November 01, 2004

If Kerry wins

No, I don’t not intend this to be a snarky, melodramatic post. I’m sure the world won’t spin off it’s axis and hurtle all humans into space, to be bank shotted of the moon and into the sun, even if Kerry does win (although it might be statistically more likely).

Rather, if Kerry wins, I just want to say to the Swift Vets For Truth, “no more.”

And to the people calling Kerry a war criminal, “no more”

And these new documents? The Media had their chance to investigate them, and, sadly, they decided to sell their souls instead, by passing. They should have covered it… but they didn’t. If Kerry’s elected, the Media should move onto better things, like rebuilding some of that credibility they’ve been using to light cigars with for the past four years.

We are at war. Our American lifestyle is one briefcase nuke away from being changed forever. The cesspool in the middle east has got to be drained, and quick, before we can even hope of swatting all the bloodsucking, enervating mosquitoes that are spawned there.

In order to accomplish this, we must not undermine our President. We cannot engage in the shameful slander that the puerile Left has engaged in for the past four years. There was a time when politics stopped at the waters edge. The Left has dashed out into the ocean, logs dangerously strewn about. As I noted earlier, the very core of our democratic institutions have been damaged by the Left’s behavior; we must now rebuild.

If Kerry is President I will be the first to welcome him in. Kerry has a tendency to stick his finger into the winds of public opinion and follow it wherever it leads him. He also has a Pacifist streak a mile wide. The former must be exploited to overcome the latter. We must make it absolutely clear to Kerry that we support him even through tough times in Iraq, and that will support him through tough times in Iran.

There is a large element of Kerry's party that wants to immediately withdraw from Iraq, and revert America back to a pre-9/11 mindset. We must no allow this to happen.


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