Monday, November 29, 2004

Iran recieves a UN-style smackdown

Check out the teeth on this resolution:

VIENNA - France, Britain and Germany finalized a draft resolution on Sunday that calls on Iran to freeze sensitive nuclear work, but does not make any threats of punitive action if Tehran resumes such work, the U.N. said.
How did Tehran win such a watered-down, impotent resolution? Well, according to the headline of this al-Reuters article, “Iran makes key nuclear concession.” Iran made a concession? What a gracious move! This “concession” was Iran dropping a request that it be permitted under this new resolution to operate 20 centrifuges capable of making nuclear weapons.

Iran basically made the request that it be allowed to operate machinery that would allow it to make nukes under a resolution that was explicitly supposed to bar these machines.

So dropping a request from Iran that it be allowed to violate the resolution is considered a ‘concession’? That’s UN diplomacy for you. This ‘concession’ is what earned Iran a resolution free of any threat of punitive action.

And, even if Iran had not been so gracious as to make this concession, China, which has a veto on the Security Council was dead set against any sanctions on Iran. Hmm, I wonder why that could be:
China's oil giant Sinopec Group has signed a US$70 billion oil and natural gas agreement with Iran, which is China's biggest energy deal with the No. 2 OPEC producer.
Hey, protestors, how ‘bout “No no sanctions for oil” as a slogan? Wouldn’t that look great on a sign?

Of course, sanctions or no, only the terminally naïve or willfully obtuse can believe that Iran is not trying to produce a nuclear weapon. The Sunday Times reports on an allegation by the German magazine Der Spiegel:

IRAN is working on a secret nuclear programme for military purposes despite its promise to halt all uranium enrichment activities, a German news magazine claimed yesterday.

Citing documents from an unnamed intelligence agency, Der Spiegel said Iran had set up a laboratory in a secret tunnel near a nuclear facility in Isfahan. This would be able to produce large amounts of uranium hexafluoride gas which could, in turn, be used to enrich uranium — a vital component for a nuclear bomb.
I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I say.

Shocked, that is, that Der Spiegel, hotbed of all things anti-American, would even bother to report this.


Anonymous Anonymous said... heres your UN corruption

4:35 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

yeah, that's the funny thing. Kofi oversee's one of the biggest scandals in history in the form of the Oil for Food program and then stonewalls on the investigation... and so far nothing has happened to Annan.

But then he pardons some workers of allegedly sexually harrassing others, and the UN staff union immediately grabs him by the jugular in a fit of outrage. Isn't that something.

6:16 PM  

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