Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Michael Moore America

Michael Moore's propaganda may not have effected the election, but it has had an insidious impact on the way the rest of the world views America.

John Derbyshire at National Review Online writes:
I am going to have no compunction about gloating at Michael Moore, who has done more to boost anti-Americanism world-wide than Farrah Fawcett did for big hair. I was talking to some young English people the other day. They didn't know much about U.S. politics, and half of what they knew came from watching Fahrenheit 911. They knew there was something fishy about that movie, and giggled in a slightly embarrassed way as they played back the opinions they had picked up from it; but those were in fact their opinions faute de mieux, and some of them will stick. In cultures yet further removed from our own — in China, in Latin America, in India, in the Muslim Middle East — Moore's poisonous brew is swallowed without a hiccup, and has become the stuff that "everybody knows..."

We have already seen that OBL himself is a fan of Moore (a concept which Moore seems to find humorous, possibly even flattering). And what does Moore do today? He slams his bedroom door to go cry big satly, cherry flavored tears into his pillow over not having affected the election with his "Slacker Uprising" tour (how 'bout that youth vote, Mikey?) or propaganda, and leaves this mosaic of the Iraq war dead on his website. Way to exploit the fallen, Mikey.


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