Monday, November 01, 2004

Paging Scorpio

From the Heritage Foundation:

That's about a 0.3 percent profit margin. To put that in perspective, Microsoft has about a 22 percent profit margin. Even General Motors has a 1.17 percent profit margin.

In other words, all those accusations of profiteering were substantially overstated. So far as Iraq is concerned, Halliburton is hardly profiting.

Most... incompetent... evil... corporation... EVER.

Man, we go through all the trouble of invading a country just to give Halliburton a chance to steal the oil (oppressing arabs is just a nice side effect), and the guys can’t even pull a decent profit. I bet if we invaded India and gave it to Microsoft, they could make some dough.

I swear, ever since Cheney handed over control of Halliburton to Lucifer D. Satan that place has just gone downhill. I mean, I wouldn't even trust it to intimidate poor minority voters in Rhode Island, it's that bad.


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