Monday, November 22, 2004


Rick Leventhal, of Fox News:

I recently watched a DVD (not sure if it qualifies as a “documentary”) filled with some of the most gruesome images ever captured on tape. There are scenes of Iraqis being tortured, their arms broken or chopped off or their tongues cut out (one after another obediently kneeling, being cut, and moving on for the next guy to take his place). There are public executions, including decapitations, firing squads, and worse. In one scene, two people are wrapped in sheets, buried to their waist, and stoned to death by a crowd.


And there is extensive footage of beatings handed out by Iraqi guards, reportedly taking place at the now infamous Abu Ghraib prison. In fact, the film first shows the images of the alleged abuses of prisoners by U.S. soldiers, and then contrasts it with the whippings and torture perpetrated by Saddam’s men. The images are not blurred out. The deaths and mutilations are almost certainly real. The goal, according to the producers of “Buried in the Sand,” is simple: “To bring back the reality of what is happening to our troops and the way these people not only treat their own people, but how they treat Americans and what they want for our society,” Rob Cartee, the Executive Producer of the project, told me. “They would like nothing better than to see an Islamic regime rule the entire world.”

Instant reaction from our in-house radical lefty, Chomsky McSunshine:
Yeah, but Abu Ghraib! Remember that! That was an atrocity, comrade, on a scale not seen since the Colorado State hazing of ‘94. There was, like, nekkid pyramids and such! Which, not that there's anything wrong with that, except, of course, when America does it. And that weird-looking (*sniff* Red-State, I'll bet) Lindy England chick? Consider my prison fantasies forever ruined, thank you.


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