Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Rock the Nonvote

Via the corner:
2004 Not a Breakout for Youth After All
This was not the breakout year for young voters that some had anticipated. Fewer than one in 10 voters Tuesday were 18 to 24, about the same proportion of the electorate as in 2000, exit polls indicated. Still, with voter turnout expected to be higher overall, more young people appeared to have come out.

Meanwhile, P-Diddy chambers a round in his .45 and hits the street with his posse. "Whadja think? I was joking*?"

A nonvoter, stopped for comment, had this to say, "Am I scared? Hell no! This is P-Diddy, the teddy bear of rappers. Isn’t he busy starring in other peoples music videos, anyways?"

*Warning, Southpark clip: Incisive social satire mixed with crude language. Explicit construction cut outs.


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