Sunday, November 07, 2004

Rock the nonvote

Jonah on November 2:
Look I don't know what the final tally will be. But it's now clear that the youth vote just didn't show. The liberal blogosphere is grumpy and introspective about it. I love it for reasons I will be writing about for months to come. The cult of the youth voter remains, once again, the most absurd, bogus, childish, romantic and misguided joke of liberal American politics. Period.

Jonah delivers:
Youth politics is as deep as the paint on a can of Diet Pepsi and has about as much substance on the inside.
The thing about youth politics is that if you are actually smart or involved enough to vote, then you are likely to be turned off by the condescension of MTV's Rock the Vote and other such efforts. Paris Hilton imploring us to vote? Puh-lease.

P-Diddy's "Vote or Die" and Eminems mosh the vote music video, were cynical exploitations of what they percieve the youth to be. Which just goes to show that they either totally misunderstand their audience or are just drunk on their own ego (I would suggest its probably a mix of the two).

For all their apathy and slackerdom, todays youth can spot a poseur from a mile away. P-Diddy just looked silly walking around with his faux-gansta slogan printed on his shirt. The same with Eminem trying to impart a revolutionary coolness to voting. What's next, Mosh the Jury duty? This reminds me of the habit that youth advertising has nowadays to simply tack the word "Xtreme!" onto anything to give it edginess in order to sell to the youth demographic. Really, its laughable.

And of course, watching the left embrace Eminem as a spokesman was fun to watch. Surprise, surprise, hypocracy abounds. Michele Catalono at "A Small Victory" wrote:
And now, in a complete reversal of fortune, Eminem has become the poster boy for the left. The man who was once hailed as a racist, homophobic supporter of spousal abuse is now the king of the leftie world because he made an anti-Bush video. All is forgiven, Eminem! Bash those gays, make more videos about beating up women because you are golden, baby. As long as you come out against Bush, you could come out in favor of eating babies and no one would blink an eye.
An amusing post, worth reading in its entirety.


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