Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Scattered Thoughts

A victory for freedom.
The Iraq war has survived referendum. Bush’s forward approach of anti-totalitarian war in the ME will continue. The symbolism of the electoral victory is possibly more important than the substance; America will not shy away from casualties and will not bow to jihadi terror or insurgent attacks.


All I can say is… Bush in ’08. And, anyways, isn’t it about time we got rid of these silly little elections? What do the people know anyway? And if what the people know causes 47 million of them to vote for Kerry is it safe to say that knowing isn’t worth jack?


As a boon to my leftist colleagues, I am starting a program to relocate voters to anywhere but here. Basically it’s a giant catapult, but extremely less safe.


It must suck to be a democrat now. Not only did your candidate go down, but Republicans also have extended the decade of house control. The senate has increased to a 52 Republican majority. Plus, up to four supreme court justices could be replaced, which would stack the courts. On top of this, 10 states have banned gay marriage. Colorado has voted against the proportional representation scheme. Red states are trending redder and so are the blue ones, despite tepid support for the war in Iraq, widespread, malicious draft rumors, and what has been painted as a bad economy. Not to mention Bushitlerwearingawirehalliburton-warforoilyellowcakeawoloutsourcingnobinladenmissingexplosivesetc


God bless youthful apathy.


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