Monday, November 01, 2004

Some last minute Kerry bashing

Because I don't do enough. Via powerline, "The Shyster vs. the Shuffler"

Decorated for shooting a fleeing enemy soldier in Vietnam and haunted by the trophy-hungry ease with which he did so, the young Kerry returned to the United States and found that his PT 109 fantasy was dead in the water. He sniffed the anti-establishment breeze and re-invented himself as a veteran's Malcolm X. For this to work, all honour and dignity had to be taken from the men who had fought the North Vietnamese. Thanks largely to his agitprop and fraternisation with the enemy, his brothers-in-arms were transmogrified into war criminals and baby-killers. Unlike Bill Clinton in this respect, he didn't so much feel their pain as personally cause it. [emphasis added]


Senator Kerry's contradictions have also long been evident is his attitudes to foetal stem-cell research, partial-birth abortion and proposed laws which would adjudge the killing of a child in utero - through, for example, an assault on its mother - as homicide. He says he has never crossed a picket-line but he more or less does so every time he approaches the sanctuary at Mass to receive communion. [emphasis added]



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