Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Talking back to the fourum -- II

Fourum: "There are those out there who would say that without an encyclopedic knowledge of the issues and, and the candidates stands on them, that voting is ill advised. I beg to differ. I think even if you are so uninformed that you are just vaguely aware that you don't like how things are going now, that's enough to realize changing the person in charge is a way to change the way things are going. Get out and vote. November 2nd."

Me: Wow, that was very longwinded of you. I think you're target audience, the ignorant masses, trailed off after the first few words. I know I did. You might want to summarize.

Fourum: Draft. Bush lied. Mary Cheney is a lesbian. Now go vote.

Me: Pithy.


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