Tuesday, November 23, 2004

This is awkward

Well, that's probably it until after Thanksgiving break. I might try to throw up some posts, especially if something big happens, but this may not even be physically possible, as the internet connection back at home basically has its bytes delivered daily by the Pony Express. It's slower than that one kid at school... you know, that kid that was freakin' slow? It's slower than him.

But keep your eye on the Ivory Coast. If there's a there there, then it should hit the MSM soon, and, while I don't expect it to get half as much play as Abu Ghraib, or even the shooting of ol' death-faker, it will allow for a glorious helpin' of schadenfreude along with all that turkey.

Plus, it will be fun knowing that I beat the MSM to a story by days, simply by perusing the blogosphere and logging my comments. Of course, if the whole story turns out to be a misunderstanding, if the there is no there there, then I will have to eat crow. And by "eat crow" I mean destroy all evidence of my having been wrong.

If you need something thankful to medititate on this holiday, read the previous post a few times. At least we're not those knuckleheads. If you need your political itch scratched, check out Instapundit, LGF, INDC Journal, or Andrew Sullivan; just a few of my favorite blogs. If that doesn't work, try a cream, you know, something with aloe vera.

update: I have no idea what aloe vera is. Use at your own risk.

update 2: Okay, so its not like I beat the MSM to the story by that much, as the NY Times mentioned the incident Monday, as I noted earlier, even if they did bury it in a column and heap skepticism on it. And even if all is true, its not like French fecklessness and weaselness are that much of story.


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