Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Another Ivory Coast massacre

Little Green Footballs has video of another French massacre (yawn) that occurred three days before the shooting at the Hotel Ivoire I've blogged about earlier. This video is much shorter, and less clear, but is backed up by investigative reporting by the Swiss.

Yeah, that’s right the Swiss. France fires unprovoked on civilians at least twice and the only media outlet they have to contend with is Swiss TV.

France has committed two atrocities each exponentially more heinous than the deeds of Abu Ghraib or the shooting of the Iraqi opossum. Despite this, Media interest level is low-to-“What did you just say about Abu Ghraib? No, just now, when you were talking. You were like blah blah blah Abu Ghraib blah poor wounded freedom fighter blah.”


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