Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Finals week/moonbat update

Sorry about the thin-gruel posting lately, but its finals week, so BACK OFF. Oops, sorry about that. Here let me just wipe that off your shirt. Oh yeah, the stain will come right out. And you might want to see a doctor. I’m not saying that I do have tuberculosis, but I’m also not saying that I don’t. Because I do. Curse you Burger King, and your rancid, yet irresistibly appetizing, dollar menu.

Finals won’t be too tough, though, because I just learned today that I won’t even have to take my Oceanography final. In that class you get to drop one test score, and, I don’t want to brag here, [now, having prefaced his remarks with that, let the bragging commence –ed], but I have a 104% in Oceanography right now, so I’m, as Oceanographers say, “as giddy as an isopycnal straight out of thermohaline circulation.” Oceanographers don’t have many friends.

I’m still decrypting the moonbat artifact that was mailed to me. This is not your typical moonbat dropping of anti-Bush screed-ery, and tortured howls of "Zionazi!"

Would that it had that much cogency.

The person that wrote this, I get the feeling, had a beautiful mind. And by a beautiful mind, I mean, “A Beautiful Mind.” And by “A Beautiful Mind,” I mean I’m putting back-up locks on my doors and sleeping with a loaded handgun under my pillow. Another one, that is.

Here’s one quote from the letter, to tantalize. It was hard to excerpt because the two pages of writing is basically just one long sentence, but here goes:
“Ace” We’ve but One God of 3 person (alities) 2 Genders Fundamentally .... so that today’s transgender proclivity ([illegible] homosexuality) exhibits that “Bi-Guy”-“Gal” Evolution and Assimilation – symbiotically one oneness of being "King" God The Father-Image-Satan-Santa wicked vs/good wizard [...]
Yeah, I took it out of context, but to be completely honest with you, it actually makes less sense when read in context. That is, if the stream of consciousness logorrheic insanity before and after it can truly be called context. The really scary part, is that this the part of the letter that actually makes sense.


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