Saturday, December 04, 2004


Best. Idea. Ever. (besides shrimp flavored ice cream. Of which, COPYRIGHT, so don’t even THINK about it).

Memo to NAACP: Draft Bill Cosby

If the NAACP has any hope of really advancing the prospects and the welfare of the black community, it has to stop blaming white America and start facing the problem of kids growing up without the love and guidance of a father in their homes. And they need to have a leader who has both the credibility and the courage to tackle that issue head-on, one who won’t blame whitey. One who will tell black America to look in the mirror and ask what they can do to help their own people. One who will be honest about the issue of fatherless homes much in the way as Bill Cosby has been honest with his fellow African-Americans.

Cosby chastises the African-American community for its rates of juvenile delinquency, its parenting, the coarse language of its youth. You can do better, he tells his fellow blacks. Don't let yourself be victims, and especially don't let the poorest in the community let themselves be victims.

Colin Powell is also mentioned as an ideal replacement. What’s the odds of one of them being chosen? A snowballs chance in hell, I'd say. And I mean, like, a really pathetic snowball, with no friends, a history of drug abuse, and a severe case of ringworm. It’s just not gonna happen. So we can probably expect some more years of reactionary black leadership from the NAACP.

Feeling depressed? Nothing a pint of ice cream won’t cure.

Unless your allergic to shellfish.


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