Thursday, December 09, 2004

Moonbats, ahoy!

Have you ever found yourself wondering what a moonbat is? And you can be honest; this is a multicultural-diversity-tolerance fun zone here. Nobodies gonna judge. What is a moonbat?

Preeminent moonbat zoologist Bill at INDC Journal has released another of his famous scholarly photoessays on these beautiful, yet dangerous creatures. The educational value contained within is boundless.

INDC Presents: Dances with Moonbats - Moonbat Xtreme

Part 1

Part 2

And, speaking of moonbats, I recieved an interesting piece of hate mail, whose author can rightly be deemed a winged creature of lunar origin.

Well, not exactly hate mail... like any primitive piece of moonbat art the letter exhibits a muddled, yet brilliant, complexity, an impossibly unironic irony, and a beautiful language all its own. Whether it is hate, or just some postmodern metanarrative, I have yet to glean.

I have raided the library for books on Moonbatology, and am hitting them pretty hard. Once I have the letter properly studied, interpreted and transcribed, I will publish my findings for peer review.


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