Friday, December 17, 2004

A Retrospective

Things I'm surprised I didn't hear following the election:

"Democracy? More like dumbasscracy, if you ask me. Which, were you asking me? What? Oh. Well, you just keep your fascist fries then, I want no part of them."

"Move to Canada? Hell no. Iraq, here I come, inshallah. Solidarity, kufr."

"I mean, Bush isn't really Jesus is he? I'll admit, I don't know much about Christianity and such, but like, Jesus had a beard didn't he? Or maybe it was more of a soul patch. Either way, Bush looks like a Chimp."

"How depressing. Sure, John Kerry was an enormous tool... but he was our enormous tool.

"Did I vote? No way, man, that's for the proles, to throw off the chains of the capitalist oppressor and such. And did they ever screw things up. Thanks Marx."

"So, is it legal to test animal products on animals? Or is that like an ethical gray area? Oh, and screw Bush. Frickin' nazihitler."


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