Friday, December 10, 2004


Before I go to sleep (yay! That's the place where I'm a viking!), here's some links to some must see vids:

Blackfive has got some awesome footage from the BBC of our troops in Fallujah. You can feel the tension just watching it. I'm awed by what our troops do, day in and day out. And one thing that's surprising to me, is just how much like a movie it actually is (or, rather, how much the movies are like it). Kudos to Hollywood, I guess.

LGF has a clip from Holland TV about the tolerance of the Dutch in the face of Islamic fundamentalism. It's in Hollish with subtitles (some English interviews), and is an interesting view into what is happening in Europe, that you won't see if you just read the newspapers. They're getting real over there, and I don't mean this in the teenage hipster way. Welcome to Sept. 12.


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