Thursday, January 27, 2005

Celebrate good times...C'mon!

What a time to be alive. From the Collegian: "Tomato Prices Decline"
Okay, settle people. Settle. Settle. Okay, here's some more:
High tomato prices are finally coming to an end.
I SAID SETTLE! Yeah, I know, I'm excited too, but those bullets are going to come back down to the ground some time. You do realize this don't you? And you, yeah, you with the pants, that thermonuclear device has a radius of like ten miles so, you know, point it away from your face.
Anyways, for you geeks out there, the paper delves into the technical economic aspects of this later in the paper:
"Seasonality is so much when you are dealing with produce," McKinzie said.
But lets not dampen our spirits with contemplation of such jargon filled minutae. Leave the economists their pedantic talk of "Seasonality" and "is" and "so" and etc. Now is a time for celebration. Party at my place. BYOT.
update: Please note: due to building code restrictions, I cannot admit anyone into my party that is now, or has ever been, a member of the communist party, or who smells of fish. Longbill Spearfish specifically--some freshwater fish strains will be allowed, at discretion of me.


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