Tuesday, January 11, 2005

*Insert Gratuitous Herbert Hoover Reference Here*

A budget surplus in December?
WASHINGTON, Jan 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. government ran a $1 billion budget surplus in December, helped by a rise in corporate tax payments, the Congressional Budget Office said in its latest budget report released on Friday.

This is queer (and not in the Abe Lincoln sort of way). I thought we were in an economic death spiral, what with the new tax cuts making it impossible to pay for all of the spending that Bush was doing and such?

Oh well, the Democrats roll with the punch. New talking point (seriously):
Democrats contend Bush also exaggerated the nation's economic problems to justify tax cuts, terrorist threats to convince the public of the need for restrictions on civil liberties, and John F. Kerry's record to win a second term.

Bush "exaggerated the nation's economic problems"? This statement boggles the mind when you look at the rhetoric the Dems were/are using. Watch for this "the economy is great!" meme to continue spreading, now that it is of use to the Dems to point it out in the context that Social Security doesn't need to be reformed. No shame. None whatsoever.

Update: Nada. Zilch. Shame=Zero. Like a dog licking itself in front of a bunch of nuns. Just, nil.

Update II: In the second assertion, with Dems saying that Bush is exaggerating the terrorist threat, we see the embodiment of why the Dems lost the last election and will continue to lose (especially if the vote on this turns into a resounding: YEEEAAARRRGGHH!). Would you trust your security in the hands of someone that thinks a foe that has killed 3,000 American's on our soil in and which would happily detonate a nuclear device in downtown Manhattan if allowed, is being "exaggerated"?

And, lastly, I don't think Bush "exaggerated" Kerry's record. Bush's talking point on this was more along the lines of: "What record?"


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