Thursday, January 20, 2005

"Multicultural Competency"

From the Collegian:

School board members voted Wednesday to send a proposal to increase the sales tax by .25 percent.

If the initiative is approved by the City Commission, it would raise the sales tax beginning Oct. 1 and ending Sept. 30, 2008.

If passed by the commission, the initiative would go on the April 5 ballot.

At a time when the Kansas Supreme Court ruled Kansas schools are drastically underfunded and set a deadline for legislators to fix the problem, USD 383 is facing almost $2 million in budget cuts. The funds from the tax increase could go to help facilitate several different aspects of running the district.

Board members expressed concern that the income, which Associate Superintendent Robert Seymour said works much like a grant, would create administrative nightmares for district employees who would be required to track how the money was spent.

God forbid, accountability. Then, toward the end:

Also at Wednesday's meeting, the USD 383 Diversity Commission gave boardmembers their report on a plan for improving diversity and what they called "multicultural competency" within the district.

The commission has been meeting for almost three years to come up with a plan for improving the situation in the district, members said. Superintendent Sharol Little said the commission was created three years ago following a parent raising concern after an African-American administrator as well as two African-American teachers retired. The timing also coincided with the departure of an African-American woman on the board of education.

Wait, are they accusing the African-American's of taking the "multicultural competency" with them when they departed? That seems pretty stereotypical and such, accusing blacks of theft just because of their race.

Or are they saying that the "multicultural competency" of a whole school district relied on four black people? Can four equally competent white people bring just as much "multicultural competency" or is this a trait characteristic only to blacks? What if there were just three blacks, would that still work? Two? Or would that just be "bicultural diversity?" I mean, just what in the name of Diversity is "multicultural competency," anyways? Shouldn't we define this concept before we, you know, worry about fixing its supposed absence?

I appreciate the new phrase "multicultural competency." Really, I do. Diversophiles are constantly trying to come up with innocuous euphisms--"diversity" itself, is largely a euphemism for "multiculturalism"--and other semantic obfuscations to color their small-minded, inherently racist, ultimately vacuous ideology a rosy hue. "Multicultural competency." I like the sound of that.

Also from the article:
The board passed a motion 6-0 to agree in principle to work with diversity added to future agenda.
First, I don't think the construction of this sentence is very coherent. "Agenda" is singular, and so there needs to be an "a" or "the" added before "future." Quibles aside, like, "hooray for diversity!" right? I don't know if/how much the school is spending on diversity related programs now, but when they are having to raise taxes for money don't you think they would hold off on this diversity pap? This is why I have no sympathy for K-State's constant whining about funds. We don't spend that much, comparatively, on diversity stuff, but every little bit counts. There are deans of diversity for every college, I think, and a bureaucracy of diversocrats trying to get more "diverse" items on the agenda (please note: "the" agenda).

Until such fat is trimmed from the budget, my ears are closed to K-State's money woes. Help with the telefund? I think I shan't.


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