Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Peeping Toms rejoice/peep

The last refuge of man has been violated.

Right to Privacy in Restroom not Absolute

ST. LOUIS Jan 12, 2005 — A man found partly disrobed with a woman, cocaine and marijuana in the one-person restroom of an Iowa convenience store in an area known for prostitution had no absolute right to privacy, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

An 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel unanimously rejected
Lonnie Maurice Hill's claim that police who found him with the woman and drugs breached his Fourth Amendment right to privacy, making the drugs illegally seized and unusable as evidence.

Other courts have held that the right of privacy in bathrooms varies case to case, with some judges holding that a stall in a public restroom is not a private place when used for something other than its intended purpose.
The intended purpose being to act as a reservoir for every disease known to mankind, to help build up the immune resistances of humanity lest we fall prey to dangerous microscopic creatures. Also a nesting location for nomadic Hobo Sapiens.
"The Fourth Amendment protects people and not places," Judge Donald Lay wrote for the three-judge 8th Circuit panel. In Hill's case, "it was not a single person using the single toilet restroom but two persons of opposite gender and, under the circumstances, we hold that they had a diminished expectation of privacy which had expired by the time the officers arrived."
Actually, judging by their actions, I think they had an increased expectation of privacy. As a final insult, the man's restroom is now going to be three feet from his bed. But I'm sure his cellmate will respect his zone of privacy and all.

As a precedent, this decision is all well and good, because in these post-9/11 days we cannot allow the enemies of civilization free reign in our public restrooms across the nation. Some civil liberties by nature must be curbed when our nation faces a nearly existential threat—the possibility of a suicidal terror cell acquiring nuclear weapons.


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