Thursday, January 13, 2005

You can't spell funny without 'y'

Which is also a letter in M. Night Shyamalon's name. Isn't that freaky in the"I saw that coming after the first 30 minutes of the movie" sort of way?

Anyways, for everyone that thinks M. Night Shyamalon is a no-talent hack. And read the comments; I find "spacemonkeys" comment hilarious. Disclaimer: I also laugh at deoderant commercials.

For everyone else... I don't know. Could you just look at the wall for a few seconds? That would be great. And maybe it will turn out that the walls, like, I don't know, are not really walls, but more like "dividers" or maybe even some of those Nipponese Rice paper deals. Or so you think. Now wouldn't that be freaky?

And another PW link, that I also--to use the relevant lingo--"lol"ed at.

Protein Wisdom, the one stop shop for meta-postmodern social and political satire.


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