Friday, February 04, 2005

Algonquin Round Table

*****Rush transcript from Ruth Ann Wefald's (wife of KSU President Wefald) luncheon with Townsend scholars.*****


Ruth Ann: ...Did anyone see "Naturally 7" at McCain last night?

Townsend Scholars: ...

Grant: I got an email about that. So what was that all about anyways?

Ruth Ann: Oh, they were this wonderful group of African-American singers that performed without accompaniment. They had just amazing voices. And one of them could make all sorts of imitations--like a drum, a flute, or--

Grant: --Was he that guy from "Police Academy" that could make all the sounds?

Ruth Ann: ...

Ruth Ann: What?

Grant: That guy, was he from "Police Academy?"

Ruth Ann: ...

Ruth Ann: Why, I don't know.


Which, what a faux paux! Man was my face red. I mean, geez, not knowing what Police Academy is? I was embarassed for both of us.


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