Thursday, February 17, 2005

A few statistics

I was searching around databases through the KSU website for studies about how gender is correlated with support for the death penalty (for my political inquiry and analysis class), and I stumbled upon an interesting study. From the abstract (link probably won't work off-campus):
Although blacks are arrested disproportionately for most types of violent crimes, disagreement persists as to the extent to which official arrest data are indicative of differential offending behavior or selection bias on the part of law enforcement personnel. [...] Multivariate logistic regression results show that the odds of arrest for white offenders is approximately 22% higher for robbery, 13% higher for aggravated assault, & 9% higher for simple assault than they are for black offenders. An offender's race plays no noteworthy role in the likelihood of arrest for the crime of forcible rape. These findings suggest that the disproportionately high arrest rate for black citizens is most likely attributable to differential involvement in reported crime rather than to racially biased law enforcement practices. [emphasis added]

This would seem to belie the notion that society in general, and our criminal justice system in particular, is saturated with institutional and overt racism. You just don't hear stuff like this from the MSM or from college professors.


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