Monday, February 28, 2005

Give a hoot, read this column

Everybody in the universe should read this op-ed by Bjorn Lomborg, author of the iconoclastic book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist." Know that everything contained within that column is based on the best numbers available--most of which come from the UN itself, and other environmentally alarmist organizations.

In "The Skeptical Environmentalist" Lomborg systematically dismantles nearly every point environmentalists make--using their numbers. He does so--in truncated form--in this column, as well. Did you know that
even if America's trash output continues to rise as it has done in the past, and even if the American population doubles by 2100, all the rubbish America produces through the entire 21st century will still take up only the area of a square, each of whose sides measures 28km (18 miles). That is just one-12,000th of the area of the entire United States.

This might seem far fetched, because America already has 76878 square miles of trash, i.e. Nebraska, but this is only because you've been fed numerous doomsday scenarios throughout your life, about the apocalyptic effects of pollution. Lomborg is a voice of optimism. And not just optimism for optimism's sake. Optimism because optimism is warranted.


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