Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm the "big mac" of hamburger hills

Out of all the columns I've written, I've got the most response for this current one. Most of it is because people have simply confused rhetoric with reality. That is, if I speak ill of V-Day it means I'm pro-rape or somesuch. I should have thought my belief that "any man who lays a finger on an unwilling female should be forced through a meat-grinder and fed to chubby kids at a sweltering Alabama fat camp" should have cleared the air on that a bit. Maybe I needed a more violent metaphor. (Unsuprisingly, no one took offense at this notion that men shouldn't be given a presumption of innocence and that gruesome summary execution was the way to go. Nor did anyone think that my characterization of frat boys as "randy" and trying to get "fresh" on girls was off-base, or that girls should be allowed to shoot them for these minor indiscretions.)

This part of one of the emails is my favorite:
I have been reading the Collegian for 38 years and your "opinion" is the first since Viet Nam that really scares me because of the basis of your opinion.
I love that: "Grant Reichert's opinion: the scariest thing since 'Nam."

update: boo! did'ja get a flashback there? was it V-Day redux?

update II: okay, but seriously, my favorite excerpt is this first line from an email I recieved:
Surprisingly, as a liberal feminist woman, I agreed with you on several points of your article.


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