Monday, February 14, 2005

Interesting observations at 2:29 AM

1) "Mayn't" is actually a real word. This changes things considerably.

2) If you print a blank sheet of paper in word it comes out nicely warmed.

3) "Methinks" is possibly the most sublime word ever coined.

4) Cue tips are okay for casual use, but addiction can be a dangerous thing.

5) Somesuch is not a word, but I'm going to start using it as one. It can be thrown in at the end of any sentence to add flavor. For e.g. I think I am going to solve parametric equations without a calculator or somesuch. Can also be used as a standalone sentence to punctuate the ambiguous or uncertain nature of the previous sentence. For e.g. Futurama is the best animated series ever. Or somesuch.

6) I would really like some pie about now. Apple would be good, but y' know what? I'd even go blueberry, because we're at war right now, against, like, Islamist nutballs or somesuch, and I too have to make sacrifices. But no Cranberries because those things are just vile.


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