Sunday, February 13, 2005

The "laugh test"

is a test I use to measure the appropriateness of the humor in my columns. To wit, if I laugh at a joke in one of my columns it should probably be taken out.

Here's an example of a joke from the column I'm writing now about Nonviolence week activities that I might have to toss due to violation of the laugh test:

"Obviously any guy that would so much as lay a finger on a girl deserves to be run through a meat grinder and fed to kids at a sweltering Alabama Fat Camp."

See, even though I find it humorous, contemporary community standards seem to frown upon joking about extremely violent deaths and cannibalism by obese minors.

The biggest influence on my as a comic writer was Gary Larson's "Far Side" comic strip, wherein the flippant violence of nature was a recurring punchline. And if you've ever watched Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, it seems that I'm not alone in my morbid comic tastes.


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